FFG 28
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USS Boone (FFG 28) is a member of the Oliver Hazard Perry (FFG 7) class of guided-missile frigates. She was launched January 16, 1980, by Todd Pacific Shipyards Corp., Seattle Division. Following sea trials she was commissioned on May 15, 1982.

January 22, 2003 U.S. Navy Reserve frigate USS Boone intercepted a suspicious "go-fast" boat south of Ecuador and seized 4,000 pounds of narcotics with a street value of $90 million. Six people were arrested.

April 1, USS Boone, commanded by Cmdr. W.L. Towns, returned from deployment engaged in the detection and monitoring of counter drug activities. The frigate boarded a total of 10 vessels: four go fast boats and six fishing vessels suspected of supporting the drug traffickers. During another routine query of a fishing vessel in the eastern Pacific, Boone’s LEDET determined that the vessel was suspicious enough to board and search. The result was the confiscation of more than 100 bales of cocaine and the detention of ten suspected drug traffickers. January’s events included a cooperative drug bust with a U.S. Coast Guard Cutter where several tons of cocaine were confiscated, and a port visit in Panama City for some provisions and liberty. In February, FFG 28 had the opportunity to train and work with the British Navy conducting an underway replenishment with Royal Fleet Auxiliary Black Rover (A273). The hallmark of February, however, was the rescue of 160 Ecuadorian nationals who were stranded at sea. USS Boone also conducted COMRELs at an elementary school in Manta, Ecuador; a drug rehab center in Cozumel, Mexico; and a retirement center in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.

June 7, 2006 USS Boone is currently in the Atlantic Ocean and along with USS Monterey (CG 61) and USS The Sullivans (DDG 68) will take part in Neptune Warrior, a course designed to enhance coordination between North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies.

August 24, The guided-missile frigate USS Boone intercepted a drug-smuggling speedboat while enroute from Algeria to Spain during a patrol of the Mediterranean Sea south of the Spanish coastline. FFG 28 is part of the Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 and is currently participating in Operation Active Endeavor.

January 31, 2007 USS Boone returned to Naval Station Mayport after a six-month underway period. During the deployment, FFG 28 successfully contributed to 6th fleet operations while assigned independently to Operation Active Endeavor in the Mediterranean. It also provided assistance to the Spanish coast guard in the recovery of contraband.

December 2007, USS Boone, commanded by Cmdr. Newman J. Evans III, departed homeport for counter trafficking operations in the Caribbean Sea.

February 24, 2008 The guided-missile frigate is currently participating in Task Group Exercise 02-08, with the USS George Washington CSG, off the coast of Florida.

May 10, USS Boone and embarked U.S. Coast Guard Law Enforcement Detachment (LEDET) 404 achieved their first successful interdiction of a narcotics trafficking vessel by seizing 1.3 metric tons of cocaine. FFG 28 began a six-month counter-drug operations deployment to the SOUTHCOM in early April.

July 14, The Boone pulled to Mayport to off-load more than a metric ton of narcotics.

September 17, USS Boone rescued 50 migrants while investigating a suspicious vessel Sept. 3, in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

October 5, USS Boone returned to Mayport after a six-month underway period to the eastern Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. During the deployment, the guided-missile frigate transited through the Panama Canal four times, intercepted 3.6 tons of illegal drugs, and rescued 50 migrants while investigating a suspicious vessel. She also visited Panama; Cartagena, Colombia; Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala; and Cozumel, Mexico.

May 5, 2010 The Boone recently wrapped up a first half of its Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 deployment with a six-day port visit to Copenhagen, Denmark, after participating in a two-week Exercise Brilliant Mariner 2010 in the North Sea, April 12-23. Prior to Briliant Mariner, USS Boone and HDMS Absalon (L16), the Flagship of SNMG1, were deployed off the coast of Somalia as part of Operation Ocean Shield. After leaving the Gulf of Aden in March the ships visited ports of Aksaz, Turkey and Civitavecchia, Italy. FFG 28 is scheduled to take part in exercise Active Endeavor in the Mediterranean Sea before crossing the Atlantic Ocean for several events in Canada.

May 28, SNMG1 ships arrived in St. John, New Brunswick, for a scheduled port call. SNMG1 is in Canadian waters in order to take part in the Canadian exercise Halcyon RV and the International Fleet Review marking the centennial of the Canadian Navy.

June 3, USS Boone, along with four other NATO ships, pulled into Quebec City, Canada, for a four-day port visit.

June 4, Cmdr. Roy Love relieved Cmdr. Steven J. Petroff as the 17th CO of FFG 28 during a change-of-command ceremony aboard the ship.

June 25, The Boone arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to celebrate the Canadian Naval Centennial and International Fleet Review.

July 7, USS Boone returned to Mayport Naval Station after a six-month deployment.

December 2, The guided-missile frigate pulled into Port Everglades, Fla., for a routine port visit.

January 28, 2011 FFG 28 is currently participating in USS George H.W. Bush CSG Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX) as part of simulated opposition forces.

April 1, USS Boone departed Mayport for a scheduled deployment in support of Southern Seas 2011.

April 5, The Boone pulled into Port of Castries for a goodwill visit to Saint Lucia.

April 15, USS Boone, along with USS Thach (FFG 43), USS Nitze (DDG 94) and USCGC Escanaba (WMEC 907), arrived in Salvador, Brazil, for a scheduled port visit before participating in the first phase of annual multinational exercise UNITAS LANT.

April 26, The guided-missile frigate pulled into Rio de Janeiro for a six-day port visit.

May 8, USS Boone arrived in Rio Grande, Brazil, for a scheduled port call.

May 13, The Boone arrived in Montevideo, Uruguay, for a goodwill port visit.

May 20, FFG 28 arrived in Punta Arenas, Chile, for a four-day port call.

June 3, USS Boone departed Puerto Montt, Chile, after a four-day port visit.

June 10, USS Boone, along with USS Thach, arrived in Talcahuano, Chile, for a six-day port visit. The two ships completed today a series of exercises with Chilean navy submarine General Carrera (SS-22).

June 24, The Boone, Thach pulled into Valparaiso, Chile, for the first part of 52nd UNITAS PAC (Pacific Phase) exercise, June 24- July 8.

July 1, The guided-missile frigate arrived in Coquimbo, Chile, for a scheduled port visit.

July 7, USS Boone pulled again in Valparaiso for a closing ceremony of the UNITAS 2011.

August 13, FFG 28 departed Vasco Nunez de Balboa Naval Base after a port visit to Panama City.

August 18, The Boone departed Bahia Malaga, Colombia, after a three-day port visit.

August 30, The guided-missile destroyer seized fishing vessel Maria Canela, 200 n.m. from Galapagos Islands, with 1.3 tons, $40 million worth, cocaine and 9 people onboard.

September 18, USS Boone returned to Naval Station Mayport after nearly a six-month deployment in support of Southern Seas 2011 and counter illicit trafficking operations in the U.S. 4th Fleet AoR.

November 17, The Boone returned to Mayport for the final time following a 10-day underway, which included a visit to New York City for Veterans Day celebration.

December 9, Lt. Cmdr. Robert Speight relieved Cmdr. Roy Love as the 18th and final CO of USS Boone during a change-of-command ceremony aboard the ship.

February 23, 2012 USS Boone (FFG 28) is decommissioned, after a 30 years of servise, during a ceremony at Naval Station Mayport.