LCS 16
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The Tulsa (LCS 16) is the eighth ship in the Independence-class littoral combat ships and the second ship in the U.S. Navy named in honor of the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

January 11, 2016 The keel authentication ceremony for the LCS 16 was held at the Austal USA Shipyard in Mobile, Ala.

February 11, 2017 The Pre-Commissioning Unit (PCU) Tulsa was christened during a 10 a.m. CST ceremony at Austal USA Shipyard in Mobile, Alabama. Kathy Taylor, the former mayor of Tulsa, served as sponsor of the ship. Cmdr. Drew A. Borovies (LCS Crew 215) is the prospective commanding officer.

March 15, PCU Tulsa exited the assembly bay #4 at Austal's facility for the first time and was transported down river, while sitting on a deck barge, to BAE Systems Southeast Shipyard's floating dry-dock; Launched on March 16; Moored at Vessel Completion Yard, at the northern tip of Pinto Island, on Dec. ?.

January 21, 2018 LCS 16 moored at Vessel Completion Yard, around 2 a.m. on Sunday, after a two-day underway for Builder's sea trials in the Gulf of Mexico; Day-long underway on Feb. 20; Underway for acceptance trials from March 7-8.

April 30, U.S. Navy accepted delivery of the Pre-Commissioning Unit (PCU) Tulsa during a short ceremony on board the ship.

September 28, The Tulsa (Crew 215) moored at Vessel Completion Yard after a one-day underway in the Gulf of Mexico; Departed Pascagoula for the last time on Oct. 5.

October 9, The littoral combat ship moored at Quay Wall Dogleg Berth on Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story, Va., for a 13-day port call; Moored at Berth 3, Pier 9 in Naval Station Norfolk from Oct. 22-24; Moored at Quay Wall Dogleg Berth again from Oct. 26-30.

November 1, PCU Tulsa moored at Wharf E3 on Naval Station Mayport, Fla., for a brief stop; Moored at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, from Nov. 3-7; Moored at Pier 16 in Port of Cristobal, Panama, to refuel from Nov. 9-10.

November 10, LCS 16 moored at Pier 2S on Vasco Nunez de Balboa Naval Base after transited the Panama Canal; Underway just after midnight on Nov. 11; Moored at Cruise Pier in Port of Manzanillo, Mexico, for a brief stop to refuel on Nov. 18.

November 21, The Tulsa moored at Berth 5, Pier 5 in its homeport of Naval Base San Diego, Calif., for the first time.

January 14, 2019 PCU Tulsa moored at Navy Fuel Farm (NFF) on Naval Base Point Loma for a brief stop to refuel; Underway again from Jan. 16-17 and Feb. 7.

February 9, The Tulsa moored at Pier 30/32 in San Francisco, Calif., for a 10-day port visit in preparation for its commissioning ceremony.

February 16, USS Tulsa was commissioned during a 10 a.m. PDT ceremony in San Francisco.

February 21, The Tulsa moored at Bravo Pier, Naval Air Station North Island for a brief stop to onload ammo before moored at Berth 6, Pier 5 on Naval Base San Diego; Underway again on Feb. 25; Moored at NFF for a brief stop to refuel on Feb. 26.

February 27, USS Tulsa participated in a photo exercise (PHOTOEX) with the USS Independence (LCS 2) and USS Manchester (LCS 14), while underway off the coast of San Diego; Returned home on March 5; Underway again from March 25- April 1; Brief underway on April 11.

April 22, USS Tulsa moored at Bravo Pier, NAS North Island for a brief stop to onload ammo before underway for Combat Systems Ship’s Qualification Trials (CSSQT), at the Point Mugu Test Range; Brief stop at Bravo Pier again before moored at Berth 5, Pier 5 on April 26.

April 29, Cmdr. Audry T. Oxley relieved Cmdr. Drew A. Borovies as CO of the rotational LCS Crew 215 (Blue) during a change-of-command ceremony aboard the LCS 16.

May 2, LCS 16 moored at Berth 5, Pier 5 on Naval Base San Diego after a day-long underway for Final Contract Trials (FCT) rehearsal; Day-long underway again on May 15; Day-long underway for FCT with the INSURV on June 12; Underway again from June 20-2? and June 25-27.

August 8, Austal USA, Mobile, Ala., was awarded $23,1 million for cost-plus fixed-fee task order N6931619F4002 against previously awarded basic ordering agreement (N00024-15-G-2304) for the USS Tulsa's Post Shakedown Availability (PSA). Work will be performed in Seattle, Wash., and is expected to be complete by April 2020.

August 20, USS Tulsa moored at Berth 5, Pier 5 after a one-day underway off the coast of San Diego; Underway again on Aug. 26.

August 27, USS Tulsa moored at Berth 90, World Cruise Terminal in Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro, Calif., for a week-long visit to participate in annual L.A. Fleet Week celebration; Returned home on Sept. 3.