SSN 792
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The Vermont (SSN 792) is the 19th Virginia-class attack submarine and the third United States Navy ship named for the "Green Mountain State." The contract to build her was awarded to General Dynamics Electric Boat division on April 28, 2014. Construction began in May 2014 and the ship was named on Sept. 18.

October 20, 2018 The Pre-Commissioning Unit (PCU) Vermont was christened during an 11 a.m. EDT ceremony at the Electric Boat shipyard's assembly bay in Groton, Connecticut. Ms. Gloria L. Valdez, the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Ships), served as sponsor of the ship. Cmdr. Henry M. Roenke, IV is the prospective commanding officer.

March 15, 2020 The Vermont departed Electric Boat shipyard for a three-day underway to conduct Alpha sea trials.

March 30, Cmdr. Charles Phillips relieved Cmdr. Henry M. Roenke, IV as commanding officer of the Vermont.

April 17, PCU Vermont moored at Pier 8S on Naval Submarine Base New London after an 11-day underway for acceptance trials with the INSURV.

April 17, General Dynamic's Electric Boat officialy delivered the future USS Vermont to the U.S. Navy.

April 18, USS Vermont was officially commissioned during a short ceremony at Groton, Connecticut.

May 2, The Vermont departed Naval Submarine Base New London for routine operations; Brief stop off Groton for personnel transfer on May 8 and 14th; Moored at Pier 6S on May 18; Underway again on May 29.

June 1, The Vermont made a brief stop off Groton for personnel transfer; Brief stop off Groton again on June 13 and 19th; Brief stop off Naval Station Norfolk on June 23 and 25th; Moored at Pier 10N on June 28.?

September 6, USS Vermont moored at Pier 10S on Naval Submarine Base New London after underway for routine training; Underway for Pre-overseas Movement Certification (POMCERT) on Oct. 15; Brief stop off Groton for personnel transfer on Oct. 21; Returned home on Oct. 26; Underway again on Nov. 21.

December 10, USS Vermont moored at the newly-constructed Island of Madeira Submarine Base in Itaguai, Brazil, for a scheduled port visit in conjunction with the Sailor's Day.

December 24, The Vermont moored at Pier 17S on Naval Submarine Base New London.

From January 17-20, 2021, USS Vermont conducted acoustic trials off the coast of Port Everglades, Florida; Conducted acoustic trials again from Jan. 22-25; Moored at Trident Wharf in Port Canaveral on Jan. 26; Returned home on Feb. 3; Underway again from Feb. 6-18; Underway again on March ?.

From April 2-7, the Vermont participated in anti-submarine warfare (ASW) exercise Black Toro, while underway in the northeast Atlantic Ocean; Moored at Berth 2, Pier 1 on Naval Station Rota, Spain, from April 14-19; Returned home on April 26; Underway again on May 1.

May 19, USS Vermont moored at Trident Wharf in Port Canaveral, Florida; Brief underway on May 20; Departed Port Canaveral on May 23; Moored at Pier 17S in Naval Submarine Base New London on May 28.