LCS 21
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The Minneapolis-St. Paul (LCS 21) is the 11th ship in the Freedom-class littoral combat ships and the second ship in the United States Navy to be named after Minnesota’s Twin Cities.

February 22, 2018 The keel authentication ceremony for the future-USS Minneapolis-St. Paul was held at the Fincantieri Marinette Marine Corp. shipyard in Marinette, Wisconsin.

May 31, 2019 The Pre-Commissioning Unit (PCU) Minneapolis-St. Paul was moved from its assembly building for the first time, mounted on Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT's), and completed a 180 degree turn on land before resting at the waterfront of the Menominee River in Marinette, Wis.

June 15, PCU Minneapolis-St. Paul was christened and launched during a 10 a.m. CST ceremony at Marinette Marine shipyard. Ms. Jodi J. Greene, Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy, served as sponsor of the ship.

August 7, 2020 The Minneapolis-St. Paul returned to Marinette shipyard after a two-day underway for Builder's (Alpha) trials on Lake Michigan; Day-long underway on Aug. 8; Day-long underway again for acceptance trials on Aug. 19.

April 29, 2021 PCU Minneapolis-St. Paul departed Marinette, Wis., for the last time en route to Escanaba, Mich., to fix a design defect associated with bearings in the combining gear’s high-speed clutch; Moored at North Shore Marine Terminal and Logistics shipyard in Port of Escanaba on Thursday afternoon.

November 18, U.S. Navy accepted delivery of the future USS Minneapolis-St. Paul.

May 6, 2022 PCU Minneapolis-St. Paul moored at North Shore Marine Terminal and Logistics shipyard in Port of Escanaba after a two-day underway for sea trials in the Green Bay; Underway again on May 13; Transited the Strait of Mackinac on Friday evening; Transited the St. Marys River northbound on May 14.

May 16, The Minneapolis-St. Paul (LCS Crew 125 - Blue), commanded by Cmdr. Alfonza O. White, moored at Dock D in Port of Duluth, Minnesota, for an eight-day visit in preparation for its commissioning ceremony.

May 21, USS Minneapolis-St. Paul was commissioned during a 10 a.m. CST ceremony at Port of Duluth.

May 25, The Minneapolis-St. Paul transited the St. Marys River southbound; Transited the Detroit River on May 26; Moored at Dock 28N in Port of Cleveland, Ohio, from May 27- June 1; Transited the Welland Canal northbound on June 2; Entered the St. Lawrence River on June 3; Moored at Wharf 21 in Port of Quebec, Canada, from June 4-8.

June 12, LCS 21 moored at HMC Dockyard Jetty NB3 on Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Halifax, Nova Scotia, for a one-day port call to refuel; Moored at Pier 2S in Naval Station Newport, R.I., for a brief stop on June 15; Moored at Pier 2S again on Wednesday afternoon; Departed Newport on June 17; Moored at Pier 31S on Naval Submarine Base New London in Groton, Conn., from June 17-21.

June 22, The Minneapolis-St. Paul moored at Berth 5, Pier 5 on Naval Station Norfolk for a training availability; Moved to Berth 5, Pier 12 on July 1; Departed Norfolk on July 8.

July 11, USS Minneapolis-St. Paul moored at Wharf D2 in its homeport of Naval Station Mayport for the first time; Underway again on Aug. 31.

September 2, The Minneapolis-St. Paul moored at Dewey Field on U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., for a five-day port visit in conjunction with the U.S. Labor Day; Moored at Inner Harbor's waterfront in Baltimore, Md., for Fleet Week from Sept. 7-13; Moored at Berth 6, Pier 5 in Naval Station Norfolk for a brief stop on Sept. 15; Returned home on Sept. 17.

September 19, Cmdr. Hiram Andreu relieved Cmdr. Alfonza O. White as CO of the Minneapolis-St. Paul (Blue) during a change-of-command ceremony aboard the ship at Wharf D2.

September 27, USS Minneapolis-St. Paul emergency sortied from Naval Station Mayport due to approaching Hurricane Ian; Moored at Wharf D2 on Oct. 3; Moved to Wharf D4 on Nov. 18; Underway again from Dec. 12-14.

January 9, 2023 USS Minneapolis-St. Paul moved from Delta Wharf to Wharf C2 on Naval Station Mayport; Moved to Wharf B2, outboard the PCU Cooperstown (LCS 23), on Jan. 13; Underway again on Jan. 20; Moored at Wharf D1 on Jan. 23; Underway again on Jan. 26.

January 28, The Minneapolis-St. Paul moored at Berth 5, Pier 4 on Naval Station Norfolk for a four-day port call; Moored outboard the PCU Cooperstown at Wharf B2 on Feb. 3; Moored at Wharf B2 on Feb. 6; Brief underway on March 16; Day-long underway for Final Contract Trials (FCT) on March 29 and April 20; Underway again on April 25.

April 27, USS Minneapolis-St. Paul moored at Berth 4, Pier 10 on Naval Station Norfolk; Moved to deperming crib at Lambert's Point Magnetic Treatment Facility on April 29; Underway for degaussing runs on May 3; Returned home on May 5.

May 12, Cmdr. Justin M. Neff relieved Cmdr. Hiram Andreu as CO of the LCS 21 (Blue) during a change-of-command ceremony on board the ship.

May 22, The Minneapolis-St. Paul moored at Wharf D1 on Naval Station Mayport after a week-long underway in the Jacksonville Op. Area; Moved to Wharf E2 on May 24.